Monday, November 16, 2009


This year we were:

Poison Ivy


Sumo Wrestler

Noelle seemed entranced by all the Halloween activity. We kept asking if she was tired, but all she would say is "More". In fact, she preferred that term to "Trick or Treat".

There were so many kids out since much of Weatherford comes to the historic district. The houses are in a friendly competition to see who can have the spookiest house. We saw a man flying back and forth in a spider web, a live scarecrow who came down from his hay bale against an old oak tree to grab at screeching goblins and witches.

The neighborhood really had this wonderful Halloween ambience -- old homes lit up orange and purple and green in the dark night. Yet against this foreboding background were open doors, lit with warm lights and smiles as people we knew and others we had never met took a moment to say hello and offer a treat.