Friday, February 26, 2016

Hind Sight

It started
A tiny flickering flame 
Let's celebrate the light coming back 

Even though the ground has been white for months 
And flakes fall fat through the frigid air 
All my earthly senses say 
Cold silent dark 

But there are fires stirring inside 
Flickering flames of desires yet unnamed 
They warm me
Do I fan them?

Perhaps it is time to leave behind the crystalline stillness 
Let it melt into the flows that will grow up this year 
Grow up me

And so they dawn crowns of light 
And dance 
The givers of light they call themselves 

And we eat golden grain fired into cakes 
And drink the red ripeness of summer 
"We give it to you" their angel voices cadence...

there is that little place now
I feel it 
"Lo siento" 
Is how they say sorry in Spanish 
"I feel it"

The longing empty
The goodbye place 

As time takes a step 
It is the part that looks back
On what was

Smiles the smile of seeing it was 
All-ways good
No thing to be sorry about 
Except for any ignorance of the beauty 

But it cannot be held 
Must be all-owed
To light the halls of
In the vaults of his-story

The only way is forward 
Toward flames yet unseen
It is not so easy to see from this vantage 
dark and hazy 

Take a breath 
And a step

I take one candle 
From the blazing memories
To remind me

All-ways good