Sunday, October 18, 2015


The light dances through the tops of the trees

the smell of pine and clean fill my lungs

I watch as Sterling leaps from rock to rock

I wonder as each foot finds its mark so sure and so certain. 

In the house he often seems awkward and unaware, a bit of the bull in the China shop.

But now I see he is none of those things, now he is within something big enough to hold him
and so now I can see the whole of his truth, the whole of his strength and ability.

I watch him push with all his strength against a stone, it doesn't move...
and then he finds a tool, a large stick and digs with hands gripping tight, face set in determination.

He has finally met his match here, 
in earth that can support the kind of freedom that flies in a thousand hoofbeats,

 in rocks that have seen the volcanic revolution of entire landscapes

 in rivers that have shifted and moved and flowed

and in trees that stand tall, unmoving, unafraid.

Here his body speaks the language of his earth mother, 
here is all he could need to Become.

Here there is only Yes. 
Here I open my heart fully to the wild beauty that is him.

And here, I breathe it in...

And I see now, see how the parts of us that seem clumsy and less-than whisper our strengths..
come this way, they say, 

out of the box you've built around yourself,
the box you thought was the only reality

see how it was the box that was awkward 
and how you shine in the light...