Monday, July 27, 2015


I scroll the pages of photos, thousands of images blur

So many moments

A color catches my eye, I stop for a glimpse

A pause on my way to the destination photo

in one image, so much

a whole story

a whole story of stories

they circle endlessly

converging into this moment of seconds

and printed pixels

That's how this life feels to me

A blur of color and sound and feeling

But there are those times

When I can stop

And really look

And one moment

becomes a thousand

And i begin to understand

as image after image floods through me

so much more beautiful than I ever realized


or imagined

And I know

I know as I look in the eyes

of the child who no longer exists as this image

but who forever exists in me as that image and

all the thousands of other images, the infinite aspects

of their Beauty stamped forever onto the heart of the soul

who loves them

I know that this life is a masterpiece,

 given to me in stained glass moments

Bold and jagged

 piece by piece

they place themselves in me

Until I shine

With their sunlit glory