Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Summer Solstice, or the Fulfillment of Promise

There are people strewn across the green lawn
They are draped in flowing gowns

But there is  no trace of Victorian refinement here
These are the people of the earth.


Upon their heads
flowers woven through
circles of willow
Blooming crowns
Alive with the scent of blossoms
I hear the lilting melodies of a flute somewhere


Looking more like fairies
Ring laughter in and out of
Nature so lush and green
She hides them completely

Gaia is queen today
The human spirit pays reverence
To her beauty
Knowing the summer solstice
is her Day in the Sun


There is a soft joy pulsing
Through this place
Harsh tones, the battle cry of the hurried and worried
Are not heard here tonight
The only thing I can think

Is that I don't deserve to be here.
My eyes ache to turn themselves from such unabashed beauty
I am too messy for such grace
I have thrown too many of those harsh words
as I bumbled my way through the day
overwhelmed and confused by little ones tired screams
These people feel like a different species to me


But there is something else
I hear it threading it's way through self deprecating thoughts
"It only takes a seed..."


Surrounded by green promises
Spiraling wildly from a
seed desire
in earth darkness
I am living in the midst of God’s classroom and the lesson today is this

God only asks that we offer the seed of what is desired
And grace will grow that seed
Unfold that promise into its spilling beauty
Tonight…here… I walk
In a garden of promises
And now I hear it again

The whisper winding through thought
are a garden of promises
made full
by your faith"

The flower crowns upon flower souls, gentle and beautiful, delicate and fragrant in their love
...unfold that promise...

And on this, the longest night of the year, alive with the ceremonial rhythm of drum and the haunting notes of wind given voice ,
…A garden of promises…
among the flower people dancing their worship for the great privilege of living in this garden we call Earth,
…Made full by your faith…

I am feeling that maybe
Just maybe
…It takes only a seed…
I will one day dance among them


Monday, June 18, 2012

She Wore Pink Today


Pale  pink
Runs smooth
On her skin
Her hair swept swiftly away
Firmly told
To stay in place
So that the sea
Kept in her eyes
Can shimmer
Its secrets
So her neck
Can offer
its supple grace
So that as she dances her story
and her beauty,
Painting herself across my eyes,
I can see her Smile.