Sunday, March 13, 2016

Where Love Lives(I want to live)

Where love lives
That place in between places 
A Crack where we give up 
The No-ing we have 
To let in the understanding we need 
Willingness to tear apart 
What was so
Lovingly built 
Because we see
Its not working anymore 
And from the remains, a bridge is made 
to the churning soil
Of change 
Don't be afraid, 
For the bridge is my heart 
Freed from the perception 
Of what I thought should be

The dark night
It has worked for months 

But tonight
And the last several nights
It's not working anymore 

My grip is holding edges of night
with clenched teeth

my arms give out
I let go
And it falls loosely like a wave 
Over us 

Your eyes find mine
And see they are soft
With surrender 

And you smile
Stretching into your freedom
Of a mother not in control 
But in communion 

That Crack
Where love lives
And shines 

flooding the dark
lighting your questions
With Yes

In that reaching light
Mother-Heart beats strong
The rhythm of what is

And swells and empties to the lilting song 
calling in
What will be