Saturday, May 28, 2011

On Earth as it is in Heaven

This is a repost of a post from last December that I had deleted…

In theme with this post, I have included some of our recent projects and the spirit in which they were created.

I just read a quote:

“All acts of pleasure are my ritual.”

And I read it again…and again

Because it spoke to me.

Life is a ritual. Life is a prayer. Life is art.


In thanks for color….(Noelle’s paintings)

There is an elegance that comes when one begins to understand their life, their self.

When one begins to sense the power and depth of their being and what it came here to do.

And when that happens, things which were awkward and mundane before…

Become sacred



For the eternal dance of the seasons..(a scene from my nature table)

Like the dancer who moves past just learning and blends body and soul

So that even the tips of her fingers Express,

Life becomes one’s most inspired, most articulate masterpiece.


for enchanting things…(Noelle and I’s fairy making project)

And then, there are works of art

That become Life

Become Worship

An offering of beauty created from a place of love and gratitude for being alive, for living the human experience


and wild soft things…(an unfinished watercolor copied from another lovely piece sitting on my mantle)

Art is prayer.

A celebration.


for light and hope…(our tree)

Worship done with magic and playfulness, vitality and movement, with true inspiration, is celebration.

And celebration done with depth and soul, grace and reverence is worship.

The two become one.

And in that moment of worship and celebration, creation and gratitude we have strengthened our connection to our divine nature.


for the generosity and serendipity of this wonderful universe, for which this project was made in honor of

And so it seems, there are some things Art is not:

it is not superfluous,

it is not a luxury,

it is not a hobby

It is not an elective.

It is a real and living part of the spiritual journey.

No matter what form, mystical or mundane, once it becomes an act of worship, an act of celebration, an act of gratitude, an act of beauty, it becomes art.

It becomes an offering of the soul.

It seems then that as parents wanting to impart the fullness and richness of the spiritual life to our children, our job just got a little easier.


for my daughter,

Because there is nothing that sounds more lovely to this mama than sitting down with my little ones to paint our hearts, sculpt our souls, write our story,


my son,

in appreciation for all that Life is, for all that Life gives. And in so doing bringing more of that love and gratitude into our lives.


My always a-musing Muses.