Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Canyon Meditation

The rocks run far and wide and deep
and I feel far and wide and deep. 
The kids run through them,
what does space feel like?

An exhale...
Limbs reach and feel nothing but wind,
 their legs lengthen, try to fill eternity
their lungs fill and their voices are strong but I can barely hear them through the vastness
And they are running through me, jumping through me, 
finally away from four walls i am able to breathe them in, all of them, not the watered down version I have had to quieten and contain, 
but the crescendoing symphony of their Being
And it is the rocks and the sand and the trees all moving through me and I am the river moving over them all,
Is there an end?
 I feel none here, the end exists somewhere far off , 
winding through the depths through how many canyon floors
With no end  there is only beginning,
an eternal beginning where laughter echoes into all the forgotten corners