Thursday, August 25, 2011

Azure Dreams

I have read what defines a photographer is not a fine camera or lighting or angles, although all these things contribute.

The following effects were created on


It is the photographer's ability to see and capture beauty as the world whirls maniacally around him.


It is the ability to be overtaken by a tiny moment, a need to preserve this piece of life, magnify and embolden it so that others too may delight in it's ordinary brilliance .


Because with each observation of our everyday lives as beautiful, the capacity to perceive beauty strengthens.

This is why I believe anyone can see with an artist's eye.


You just begin where another cleared his trail, leaving photos in his wake for us to follow. Walking that path of crystallized time, eventually one will stop suddenly as they gaze out upon the sweeping wilderness of Life.


It calls them with it's untamed beauty, calls them to unearth it's precious secrets.

These precious secrets become another’s breadcrumb trail to follow to a place where time stops and the mind’s chatter fades allowing the heart to finally say its piece.


Life often moves past me in it's ordinary way,
plodding along with unremarkable footsteps. Occasionally, though, colors take on new shades, faces become an infinitude of expression,


Life's steps become lighter and lighter until it no longer walks but whirls around me, a dervish mad with love overtaking me in her fervent dance


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