Sunday, January 19, 2014


In 3 days you will turn 6.

Round the sun you have traveled six times.

This earth treks unfailingly around its sun, never leaving, never stopping.

Centuries, millenia this love story has been playing itself out.
The love of life for light.

I would circle you for that long. It feels like I have.

When I first looked in your eyes it felt like I was looking into no time.

Like we weren't mother and baby just meeting, like we were that sun and earth who had been playing out our love story for all those countless cycles.

Like we have watched seasons change thousands of times, together, never tiring of the beauty of these ancient patterns.

Never tiring of how something as old as time itself, of the thing which birthed time, this circling of the earth, is new and fresh, never having existed before this moment.

I look at you and it is all new, this has never existed before.

I have never seen you at 6 before, tall, articulate, hair flowing long down your back.

Discovering the things you love in this world, the things that are different and sometimes the same as the things I love.

Expression flows strong from you now, with your newfound words and agility of hands and feet. Speak, dance, write, they are all allowing you to take your Place in this world.

It is new and beautiful to watch. But I have known you for much longer, before there were words to speak, before these bodies gave us wings,

I have known you as an endless love that wraps itself around and around, as faithfully as this world circles its sun.

How long can love last? Can time even measure?

On and on it goes, a circle without end.

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