Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Hello all,

I have finally decided to join the online journaling world, for a couple reasons. I wanted a way to share all our family comings and goings for our family and friends whom we can't talk to as much as we would like. Also, I would like a way of making Noelle's fleeting childhood somewhat permanent, my own way of freezing time. Something she and I, or her father and I, can look back on one day and laugh and cry about all the memories. And lastly, I want a place to write. The computer room seems to be my quiet sanctuary of late, and so I figure this might work better than the old-fashioned way which always ends with a baby taking my pen=).

So, I hope you all find it something relaxing and enjoying to read, as I have found so many other blogging mom's journals to be. Happy blogging!

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