Friday, June 3, 2011


We are back in Angel Fire.  Like an old friend, the unparalleled Moreno Valley unfolded before us, wrapping us in its crisp evergreen embrace.


I have been to several places since we were last here, and I now know enough now to know this is a very special place to us.  We have not found anything like it.

The quiet is so expansive I feel like I breathe deeper.  My mind is clear and I feel more connected.  Perhaps this is what untouched nature does for one’s soul? 

The quiet is filled with the songs of birds and frogs, rain, and wind.  I can hear all of it so clearly.  Perhaps I am not quite the city girl I thought I was.  There might not be a WalMart here, but Spirit feels so close…


Memories of Noelle and Sterling a year ago flooded back.  He was still a babe in a sling, she a budding two year old.  And I was thinking how he will be that two year old next year when we come. 

I can say as much as I love my babies, I do not leave the  baby stage behind with any wistfulness.  It can become a bit difficult for a personality like mine that loves to adventure.  But there is nothing like the bond that develops during that time.  It lasts a lifetime. 

But the two year old phase.  Now I miss that.  When a child starts to speak and understand so fully, oh it is magical.  And they begin to love the adventures.    Three year old Noelle is even more amazing.  She is like a fish in water with travel.  I know I will miss her too, next year.


I am watching now as Sterling is beginning to put his world together, put our words together.  The magic is beginning and I can’t wait to see what he he has been waiting to tell me:)


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