Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Towns of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

One of the parts I love most about traveling is seeing how other people live, work, play, and, well just be, in different areas.  Even areas that are only miles apart have their own lifestyles. 

In Angel Fire, the people are generally soft spoken and quiet, they keep to themselves, and they are some of the nicest most genuine people I have ever met.  They live in a quiet and beautiful place, existing very close to nature and the elements.



In Red River the town bustles with activity.  There are less full time residents there than Angel Fire,  but the town is always full of tourists.  There are shops and restaurants and activities lining the streets, and the town has a definite boomtown feel.  Again, lots of friendly folks with its mix of those who seem a bit tired of the tourists.



Then you can wind down the mountain to Taos.  No mountain town here with log cabins and pine forests.  This is the southwest desert. Covered in Sage Brush and sandy soil, the town is filled with a mix of Native Americans, Hispanics, and sort of artsy Caucasians.  The town’s energy draws those who crave an alternative lifestyle –artists, herbalists, energy workers.  The whole town is constructed from beautiful adobe structures with gardens flowing over the sand colored walls. 


Each town such a different energy, each own offering its own hospitality to our little family of four.  We are grateful to each of them. 



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