Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I read recently that the word paradise comes from an Iranian phrase which means "walled garden."

I was thinking this as Stephen and Noelle and I walked through our neighborhood garden, adorned for Love in all its Spring blossoms.

And I realized I wanted to capture these moments because one day, we may no longer live a couple of blocks from our walled paradise, and we may think that our minds have played a trick on us, that there never was or could be such a paradise.

This place, well there is something magical about it. It was designed with an artist's passion by a famous painter from England.

The story is quite romantic, really. He met the love of his life in New York, and she told him if he wanted to marry her he had to come live in Weatherford, Tx, next to her mother. Can you imagine this? A worldly painter who had painted the monarchs of London, rubbed elbows with the exclusive members of England's social circle, and he comes to live in a little cow town in Texas, all for Love.

The garden is a mosaic of tiny paintings, each nook and corner painted just so with the masterful stroke of an artistic genius. Each niche brimming with the life nurtured by the passion of a man devoted to his garden. With only 4 acres, one feels as if they have found a labyrinth of secret coves and enchanted havens.

Today, I captured some of these living masterpieces.

Fish In Stone


Morning By the Pond

Water Irises

For awhile I had thought I would stop bringing my camera because I must have taken pictures of everything several times over. The wonderful thing is, I notice something different every time I go. This time it was the fish drawn into the stone with pebbles.

Everywhere one looks in this garden there is evidence of blooming, the blooming of nature herself, the blooming of the human soul into its most refined expression of Beauty.

And to behold this, well it is wonderfully inspiring to see what our souls in commune with Nature can do. We are capable of so much love, so much goodness.

We are capable of Paradise.

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