Monday, June 22, 2009

Lazy Days

We are in the lazy days of summer.

My body feels lazy,

my mind feels lazy,

even time seems lazy.

It creeps by with no real outward sign that anything has happened. The days stretch, so that night and day no longer balance each other, and we go to bed with the waning light, and wake up to the waxing light.

It is so hot, no one wants anything more than fruit and sandwiches to eat, and so there are no real meals to break up our day.

It seems like one long heat-filled summer day, interspersed with vignettes of children splashing in water, trips to the store for more fruit, and the little games we find to pass the time during the hottest parts of the day.

It tastes like strawberries and smells of chlorine and bug spray, and feels like...well, we all know what it feels like.

The solstice has passed though, and the days will begin to shorten again, bringing with them the coolness of the dark.

And soon, time will begin again.

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