Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Beyond the Rainbow: A Series of Nature Poetry

Picture by Stephen

There are so many wonderful glimpses of the natural world that Stephen and I are able to catch on camera, so many images that inspire bursts of different emotions in me that I decided it would be nice to catch those experiences in words, here. I love the song Over the Rainbow -- to me, it embodies the spirit of seeking: seeking meaning, seeking truth, seeking experiences that go deeper than just our five senses. More and more I find, though that what I seek is being found, and not beyond the rainbow, but right here, in my own backyard, in this world.

So, here is the first of that series.
Beyond the Rainbow:

I see you, O Wise Guardian of the Trees
Skittering from branch to branch.

Why do you call me wise?
He asks me.
For I am but a humble servant
Collecting nuts for my winter burrow.
I bow before you, clever human,
For I am neither wise nor guardian

Oh, Great One you take me lightly
And think I cannot see the forest for the trees
For if I have learned one thing in this life
It is that God is never where you expect.

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