Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Walking Tall

Last week, Noelle's cousins visited the gardens for the first time. Noelle was quite the little hostess and thoroughly enjoyed showing everyone around. She also loved walking to Cole and Kaylee. Since then she has been walking with us nonstop. She has yet to walk far on her own, but she is very close.

It made me realize something about cousins and siblings -- they push each other to new heights. My bravest moments often came from dares handed down from another who knew the depths of my courage better than I, knew I had the stuff to do what was challenged. Or from an emboldening glance that said without I doubt "You can do it. I believe in you."

Either way, it seems to carry more weight when it comes from someone who can stand toe to toe, eye to eye with you.
Someone who doesn't have to say those things because it is their job.
Someone who knows what you are made of and is willing to stand up to you and tell you when you don't.

And somehow all that makes you stand up and walk tall.

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