Thursday, February 19, 2009

First Glimpses

We are having the first glimpses of Spring in these parts. Little by little, layer by layer, the earth is being painted in color and bathed in the heady aromas of early spring blooms. The honey sweet touched with a sharp bite of dandelion. The delicate floral 0f violets. The full body of rosemary.

And the first breaths of Earth, soft and rich and moist, settle over thirsty skin. I feel it so keenly I could almost drink the air. My face is already softer, the skin plumper and beginning to show its own signs of new color.

And there is an aliveness that comes with the changing of winter to spring, or summer to fall. The world seems to pulse with life, resonating with the life I am suddenly aware of pulsing through me.

And there is a sort of intoxication of the senses, a giddiness that leaves adults skipping and bright eyed. And you find yourself walking along, warmth swelling from your belly to your throat, fountaining into a smile that never quite leaves until Spring has gone its way.

Last year, Noelle saw all this from the warm confines of her Daddy's sling. It is quite another experience with movin'- and- a- shakin' Noelle. I think she is just as enchanted as her mama.

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