Monday, February 9, 2009


Noelle has recently discovered one of the great treasures of being a child -- being undercover.

I remember making so many blanket forts with my sister. We used chairs to stretch the blankets, we used large fans to blow them out over us, we used beds to drape them off of. But no matter the method we used, the same thing happened once you went underneath. That place became a sort of sacred ground where the rest of the world ceased to exist. For a child, it is a space of their own, where only their magical laws apply.

And so when Noelle smiles at me to come join her in her sacred place, I am honored. And because I know I am entering her space, the time we share there is so intimate, smiling and laughing under billows of cloth, the soft light filtered through a yellow sky of pink flower stars above us, our eyes twinkling with the magic and mystery of this little gap in time and space.

Oh yes, a very special invitation indeed.

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