Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

The Spirits Enchanting
To Run with the Wind
Romp in the sun
Freedom bids calling
with every turn
Majestically dancing
purest of heart
beckoning Joy
And all heavens truth
And Horses run freely
Frolic and play
The essence of freedom
We seek everyday
When we were children
They Touched in our dreams
We return once again
With blessed vision we see.
Hearts of pure giving
Kissed by the sun
free is the spirit
light as the wind
In all of their strength,
and in their power
Sheer elegant grace
Capable of Fury
The heart of the beast
Gentle and giving
awaken the places
Our hearts may be sleeping
So gentle and kind
wanting to please,
honesty's essence
purest of love
The call of the wild
Sings straight to our souls
To watch horses running
"Magic!" ... behold~.
Hear angels singing,
As they dance with the wind
Great Spirit Calling.
Comforted souls
Centered and joyous
Still freedom's promise...

Running with Horses
Right here before us.
--D. Enise

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