Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Little Things

I want to take the time to write down some of the cute, quirky things Noelle does here and there that are likely to slip out of focus in my memory, that is until I go back to my handy blog and read about them=).

I will keep adding as I remember things.

1.) The way you throw back your head and open your mouth when you want me to howl. You are still making gallant attempts to howl yourself, but only a thins sort of hissing sound comes out. Keep trying, you'll get it=).

2.) The way your little bum starts bouncing when you hear any beat, even if it is just Mom beating on the floor.

3.) The way you say "Mwa!" when you kiss me now.

4.) The way you take such good care of your stuffties (stuffed toys). You give them such big hugs in the mornings.

5.) The way you have to bring every new toy/thing that you like to nurse with you as some sort of baby initiation rite.

6.) See Above Picture

7.) The way you want to share everything you love with the people you love, especially food. You already seem to know that sharing happiness only makes it grow.

8.) The way you seem to get the biggest kick out of pointing to a tree for me to say "Tree!" over and over.

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