Sunday, March 22, 2009


Maggie May

Nove 4, 1996 -- March 22, 2009

You Were My First Baby

You were my first baby
Warm against me in the night
Whose illnesses
Made me sleepless
as I worried
and nursed you
to wellness again

You were my first baby
Playful and bouncing
Giving love without end
And opening my heart
To give in return

You were my first baby
And as time passed
Other babies came
And you graciously
Stepped aside

But you were my first
And you taught me

And through these things
You live on
In my heart
And the hearts of all
Whom I pass it to.

Rest in Peace Maggie


  1. Thank you for sharing this precious poem. I was very touched. My first "baby" was my puppy Freddie. He too taught me many things, and I believe helped make me a more nurturing person. He also stood by my side and helped me raise my 3 children. Since that time I have lost 2 other dear, dear canine friends and companions. Each taught me about love and about letting go. Maggie knew how much she was loved and that knowledge made her life well worth the journey. My heart and sympathy goes out to you and all the others who loved Maggie.

  2. Thank you, Kimara, for your thoughts and for sharing your own journey with your furry little ones. As time seems to always fulfill her end of the bargain to lessen the sting of grief, each day brings a more joyful memory of Maggie.