Sunday, July 25, 2010

GoodBye Angel Fire

We wrote this to the woman whose condo we were renting, but I thought it was an appropriate Swan Song as we get ready to leave Angel Fire.


Yolanda’s Place

We stepped out in the crisp pine air,

Weary from a winding night’s journey,

Greeted by a warm New Mexican space

We call it

Yolanda’s Place.


Stepping in chilly rivers

Running through flower-kissed meadows

Watching oceans of grass waving green in the sun

Then back to

Yolanda’s Place.


Taos, Eagle’s Nest, Mora

Las Vegas, Red River, Cimarron

New places, new adventures, new friends

Then back to rest at

Yolanda’s Place.


A little one who now knows

How big a mountain is,

What color adobe is,

What Power Bait smells like,

What fog feels like,

And thunder echoing through the valley sounds like

All from

Yolanda’s Place


We came,

We saw,

We explored,

We danced,

We sang,

We cooked,

We cleaned,

We laughed,

We loved,

We Lived.

All at

Yolanda’s Place.


We will miss everyone that made our stay so wonderful in Angel Fire!

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