Monday, July 5, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

We celebrated 4th of July in the little mountain town of Red River.  While Angel Fire has a very contemporary, granola kind of feel, Red River is a true mountain town.  Every building is made of logs, every business has plenty of wooden bear statues guarding it.


The parade was wonderful.  People were glittering red white and blue in the sun, flying flags and ribbons, waving and throwing candy out to all the waiting hands.  Noelle loved it.  She would run out and grab the candy, run back and put it in her stroller, where she liked to sit on it until the next float came by.  She even danced to the 60’s music blasting from one hippie float.


At dusk we parked on the side of the ride between Eagle’s Nest and Angel Fire and watched the fireworks lighting up the dark silhouette of the mountain behind them.


It was perfect.  And as each firework exploded, I thought about freedom, about what the people who came to this country wanted in their heart of hearts.  And I watched the light bursting forth from the darkness and thought about my little family and the freedom we have felt bursting forth from our hearts this last week. 


Stephen and I finally feel like we are flowing in the river of our lives.  Our personalities have never craved comfort and security, although we respect and enjoy those things -- but it is adventure, spontaneity, and growth that gets our blood flowing.  We like to live on the edge of our comfort zone, laughing sometimes, crying other times, but feeling alive in every moment. 


On so on this 4th of July, I felt, for the first time in a long time , truly and unequivocally free.


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