Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gifts Cont.

10.) Family

11.) Firelight

12.) Cake

There is a story behind this cake. I found a recipe for this very elegant concoction called a Shadow Cake. It called for baking three layers of devil's chocolate cake, and then making a whipped frosting over which a velvety chocolate melt would be poured. Well, that is what it would have been if I hadn't used regular cocoa powder instead of dutch processed cocoa (who knew?), or could have gotten the egg whites in the whipped frosting to set properly. So, instead Noelle got this lovely Betty Crocker strawberry cake with a sensuous Duncan Hines vanilla frosting.

I did cut the strawberries, however.
I am taking credit for that.

I don't think she minded.

At the end of this day, I felt so full and so grateful for all that we have. But most of all I was grateful for the gift of Noelle, a golden thread woven through her father and I's life.

We love you. Happy Birthday, baby girl.

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