Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mind Step

This is Noelle's first construction. She moved the blocks from the foot of the bed (no easy feat) so that she can slide into the bean bag.

When I saw her start moving the blocks, I just figured she was wanting to push them around as usual. She was grunting and seemed a bit frustrated so I thought about helping her, but for some reason I just sat and decided to see what would happen. What happened was that she apparently had a very real idea of what she was going to do with the blocks, and that idea manifested itself.

She moved the block very deliberately to the bean bag and then slid down laughing into it. When I finally saw what she had done, I was actually kind of shocked. Being witness to the growth of the human mind is, well the only word I can think of is awesome.

For me, this seems akin to a mental first step. Soon her little mind will be walking and then running, and then performing all kinds of fun acrobatics.

And maybe one day, when she is old and wise, it will dance.

For now though, the step is everything to this very proud mommy.

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